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Serious Home Style From Sainsbury’s

20th February 2017

When it comes to supermarket shopping, it really does depend on geographic location as to where you shop and where you live.

So, why do I find myself driving thirty minutes out of my way to do the mid-week shop when Lidl, Tesco, or even Waitrose, are all five minutes away?

The answer is simple: Sainsbury’s home collection is a force to be reckoned with!

Whether I’m props shopping for an interiors photo shoot or simply have that feeling when I just want to get out of the house, have a bit of a nose at some homewares and ponder what I’m going to buy next.

Sainsbury’s home accessories range is seriously impressive!

For instance, their stacking copper measuring cups would be the hero piece in any Instagram cook-off.

Add that to marble inspired bathroom accessories; rather well proportioned wire storage baskets with obligatory wooden handle; pretty patterned dove grey baking bowls and vintage inspired storage canisters, and quite frankly you’ll have forgotten that you even had a perishable shopping list!

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