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What’s Spring Gonna Bring?

21st February 2017

Ok, so it’s February and we’re all just slowly getting back to the hum-drum routine of everyday life.

But, that’s the bit I love best about the first few months of the year…I’m one of those that has the tree down on New Year’s Day, hoovering and dusting with purpose throughout the house, and in my mind, stripping my home back to the basic things I love and can’t live without, ready for the new year ahead!

Spring 2017 Home Collection at Debenhams

So, where to start?

Cliche as it sounds, this is a great time for de-cluttering and simplifying your space.

Christmas is wonderful with it’s layered look of decorations, food, celebrations and warmth but the new year brings its own magical mix of inspiration, clear minds and desks, fresh new beginnings.

I like to focus my mind on what my interior space needs to offer me in terms of getting up feeling more energised after a good night’s sleep; being able to eat healthy;  enjoying a de-cluttered mind, as well as house; and having lots of early nights (for the kids as well!) spent indulging in a bubble bath with my favourite Rituals products and reading a book…


Q: ‘But what if I’m unorganised and in desperate need of a helping hand to de-clutter once and for all?’

A: ‘Organisation can be learnt…and it’s really quite easy!’

Marie Kondo’s book: ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever’, will give you a digestible and achievable insight into how you can whip your home up into a ship-shape, serene abode in no time.

OK, well maybe a few weeks of work…but this book seriously equips you with some life-changing attitudes to organisation and running a busy home that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

Not that any of us expect to live our lives to the exacting high standards that the clever, de-cluttering, expert author does.

But, it’s the little gems that each and every one of us will take from it; perhaps ideas for helping to keep that wardrobe full of only clothes you love and wear; or ways to keep the children’s playroom manageable and practical!

All it needs is a few additional items to give a room a whole new organisational look.

Geometric Rush Baskets from House of Fraser, from £24

The Settled Home Storage Tip: 

Take one set of baskets, such as this trio from House of Fraser home collection, (which we absolutely adore) and turn them into a super useful storage accessory:

‘Whether they live in the hallway keeping hats, scarves and gloves organised; or in the playroom – simply line them up in a row to store different toys in different baskets (or, give one basket to each child to avoid to avoid toy confusion!) They could be super handy in the kitchen when it comes to storing vegetables, linens or re-useable bags; or even in the dressing room: one for the hairdryer and straighteners, one for spare beauty products and one for bags. We love them!

Prices start from £24 for one basket,

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